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MISC ILLUSTRATIONS VIIIFangofest2017Affiche Amposta Horror Fest by David Güell Coulrofobia cover for Los Carniceros del Norte by David Güell Scarlet Woman by David Güell Chica & Lobo Fan Art by David Güell medal 1 by David Güell Medal 2 by David Güell Operation...


SKARA ILLUSTRATIONS These illustrations were made for promotional purposes. It was a very interesting challenge showing the possibilities of the different game combat types. All the concepts and thumbnails are made by David Güell. Skara Illustration 01 by David...


SKARA MEDALS These medals were made for the kickstarter campaign of Skara, the Blade Remains. All the concepts and thumbnails are made by David Güell Medal 01 by David GüellMedal 01 by David Güell Medal 02 by David GüellMedal 02 by David Güell Medal 03 by David...

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